Sergio Resendiz

Talk about MASS and overlay on a giant, this guy has it! The Orocopias in California are known as the land of giants. Hunting with Sergio and his good friend Jacy was epic! You just couldn’t ask for two better guys to share a camp with. Thank you boys!

Ed Putnam

Ed was lucky enough to have drawn two desert sheep tags. About 5 years prior he had drawn a sheep tag in Nevada and had taken a nice ram. Since he had already killed a desert he was set on taking a book ram on this hunt in the Marble/Clippers. This was one tough hunt, putting in miles every day and looking over many rams. On the eighth day of his hunt, Ed finally sealed the deal on this handsome old warrior. Thank you Ed for putting your confidence in Dry Creek Outfitters!

Brad Erickson

When we first booked Brad’s hunt in the Newberry/Rodman/Ord mountains, he asked if his son Casey could also come along on the hunt. We explained to him that we always welcome a hunter to bring along a friend or relative to experience their once in a lifetime hunt.

Being with his father during this hunt and watching him take this great ram will leave him with memories that will last a lifetime. Congratulations Brad! It was our pleasure hunting with you and Casey.

Ron Dahake

Ron was the lucky recipient of a Marble/Clipper sheep tag. He gave us a call early on to discuss a guided hunt with Dry Creek Outfitters. In the past he had a couple negative experiences with other outfitters and was somewhat reluctant. He eventually booked his hunt with us and later explained it was the best choice he ever made. Ron was ecstatic putting his tag on this absolute monster ram!

Greg Gomes

When Greg called to book his hunt with us he asked about the unit he drew and what to expect. We explained to him that the Newberry/Rodman/Ord unit was a hunt in which he would be seeing a lot of sheep and was one of the most exciting hunts in the State.

The unit did not disappoint! And finding this desert hammer was just icing on the cake!

Dan Sozzi

Dan has been an avid hunter all his life. Even though he has taken many trophy animals and been on numerous sheep hunts a desert sheep was definitely on his bucket list. Hearing the excitement in his voice when he called us to book his hunt was pretty special. Dan drew the Newberry/Rodman/Ord mountains in California. During his hunt we looked over more than 75 rams but once he laid eyes on this giant ram his mind was maid up. With 2 shots from his model 70 pre 64 .264 win. Mag the ram was down. This ram has the mass all sheep hunters dream of! Congratulations Dan!

Art Hibbits

Art Hibbits has been applying for a desert sheep hunt in numerous states for more than 30 years. Finally at the ripe age of 80 he finally drew a tag in the Clark/Kingston unit of California. Art was able to make a

400 yard shot and harvested this great 12 yr. old warrior! Congratulations Art on your B&C ram!

Joe Angulo

Joe has hunted big game all over the world and taken many great trophies. When he found out that he had been drawn for a desert sheep hunt in the Marble/Clipper Mountains of California he gave us a call immediately. We looked over a great number of rams before Joe decided on this old heavy horned warrior. Congratulations Joe on your stud of a ram!

Chad Cola

Chad and his wife Heather did everything right to prepare for his once in a lifetime hunt. Once he gave us a call to set up the hunt he and his wife began training for the hunt and put in time on the range with the rifle that he would use for the hunt. This is something that we can’t stress enough for all of our hunts. With Heather by his side, Chad made a perfect shot to put this beautiful ram down for good. Congratulations Chad and Heather on such a great looking ram. It was so much fun hunting with you both!

Tom Gordon

Lightning has struck twice for Tom. First by drawing a desert sheep tag in Nevada a few years back and again here in the Cady Mountains of California. Tom had his mind set on a special looking ram and that’s just what we found on the fourth day of his hunt.

Dave Mattausch

Dave had been applying for a desert sheep tag in his home State of Arizona for years and it finally paid off “Big” with one of the top sheep taken in the State! Congratulations Dave!

Gracie Bonham

Gracie is one special young lady that captured the hearts of the entire Dry Creek Outfitters crew this past season in Arizona. She was the recipient of a special tag issued by the State of Arizona and “ Outdoor Experience 4 All”. This is an organization that issues a hunt, donated by an Arizona tag holder, to someone with a life threatening illness.

This was a last minute donation with only three days remaining in the season. Gracie traveled from Utah with her father Craig, grandfather Craig Sr., and sister Lizzy.

Our crew was able to get Gracie on this heavy horned desert and she made a perfect shot! Congratulations Gracie it was our pleasure experiencing this special hunt with you and your family.

Junior Hunters

Julissa StMartin

Jonston StMartin

Jacey StMartin

Eli Lang

Zach Giovani

Caden StMartin