Kenny Womack

Kenny Womack has hunted all around the country and has taken many trophies, but none will compare to this Giant ram that he killed this past year in the Marble/Clippers! His story is featured in the June issue of the Epic Hunting Magazine. His 182” ram is the largest ram taken in California for many years and will be receiving an award from California Wild Sheep for his accomplishment.

Bill Willett

The Kelso Peak/Old Dad Mountains were once the most populated sheep unit in California until the unit experienced a massive die off due to pneumonia. This season was only the third year that CDF&W has had a tag in the unit since its reopening. Rams are still difficult to turn up in the unit. Bill Willett was very fortunate in killing this great looking heavy horned desert sheep on the seventh day of his hunt.

Tim Brazil

One of the most difficult hunts in California to find a mature ram is the South Bristols. Tim Brazil hunted with a friend for most of the season and was having a difficult time. He contacted us toward the end of the season and ended up killing one of the largest rams to be taken in the unit in many years! Great heavy horned ram Tim congratulations!

Kaylee Howard

16 years old and the first time ever applying for a sheep hunt! Kaylee Howard had never even killed an animal in her life. Thanks to all the hard work and preparation by her Grandparents Dan and Diane Howard this gal was at the top of her game. Congratulations Kaylee on one of the largest rams to be taken in the Marble/Clippers. You can read her full story as she made the front cover of Huntin Fools May magazine!

Ron Munk

We encourage all our hunters to bring along a family member or friend to experience their sheep hunt. Ron Munk brought family and friends along to witness him harvest the oldest ram taken in the State of California this past season! Ron will be receiving an award presented by the California Wild Sheep Foundation for his special ram that he killed in the Marble/Clipper unit.

Bret Fuller

Bret Fuller had hunted in California with us years ago and once he drew his Arizona desert sheep tag, he called us immediately. Bret had drawn a unit 43B tag and was looking to take a 160” or better ram. Once

we located this ram, there was no question in his mind. With one shot from his 30-06 it was finalized. Bret was ecstatic with the ram he had taken.

Nick Panagio

Nick Panagio was a lucky hunter in drawing one of the most populated sheep units in California. The Newberry/Rodman/Ord Mountains have only been open for sheep hunting for a few years and consistently produce great rams. We located this ram several days before the season and Nick was able to take this 11 yr. old ram on opening morning.

Marc Jarrard

Marc Jarrard took his ram in one of the toughest units in California. It can be very difficult to even locate a mature ram in the unit due to the drought and declining sheep numbers over the past several years. Just take a look, this is the largest ram to come out of the Cady Mountains in some years. Great ram Marc, congratulations!

Robert McClelland

The White Mountains desert sheep hunt in California is no doubt the most grueling hunt you will find anywhere. Almost every year there are hunters that fail on their “once in a lifetime” quest for a desert

sheep in the Whites. Robert McClelland new how difficult this hunt would be and did everything possible to prepare for the hunt. Congratulations to Robert on his great looking desert sheep that he took w/ Dry Creek Outfitters!

Junior Hunters

Eli Lang

Avery Thorn

Jonston StMartin