Our Crew

Matthew St.Martin

Born and raised in the foothills of California at the base of Sequoia and Kings Canyon National Park, where he is currently employed. Matt is a fourth generation hunter and outdoorsman with numerous trophies to his credit. Matt spends every chance he gets hunting, glassing and guiding sheep, deer, elk and antelope in the western states but sheep hunting is his passion! He is honest, humble, dedicated and hard working young man who leaves a lasting impression on everyone he meets. Matthew is beyond his years in his ability as a guide and his keen eyesight enables him to spot animals even under the toughest of conditions.

Caden St.Martin

Caden is employed by the Federal Government working back country trails for Sequoia National Park. Caden is a fifth generation outdoorsman. He has been working with Dry Creek Outfitters in sheep camp since 2017. Although he has guided for other big game hunt, sheep hunting is his passion. He has become one of our top guides in the business. His abilities on the mountain and around camp are an asset.

Cliff St.Martin

Cliff is a seasoned sheep hunter with numerous trophies to his credit. He is a third generation outdoorsman, learning his hunting and tracking skills from the best…..his dad and his grandfather. He has hunted big game in most of the western states with both a rifle and a bow. Cliff likes to say that hunting is not a hobby for him, but it’s who he is, and he takes it very serious.

He worked for the U.S. Forest Service in Northern California as well as the California Department of Fish and Game as a biologist in the backcountry of the Sierras. He has paramedic training which includes training in First Aid and CPR. Cliff is also a skilled gunsmith.

Casey Nick 

Casey is a young man that lives and breathes the outdoors, hunting and guiding. Coming from the central coast of California, he was born and raised on his family ranch where running cattle and chasing wild game was his passion.

Hunting grew into something Casey lived for which led him into the guiding industry, he has been guiding since the age of 16.

Personally hunting in many western states successfully as well as guiding hundreds of happy clients on pigs and turkeys or there once in a lifetime tule elk.

Casey has been a great addition to the team being, reliable, personable, and kind as well as having great glassing skills, young hearted attitude and strong work ethic but not to mention his true passion to be in sheep country helping you on your once in a lifetime California sheep tag!

Nate Lang

Nate Lang’s loves of the outdoors began at an early age. Hunting, fishing and backpacking were a passion handed down to him by his grandfather and father. Some of his greatest and earliest memories took place in the back country hunting bucks and fishing trout streams. Nate harnessed that passion for the outdoors, graduating with a degree in Wildlife Management at Humboldt State University, which led him to a career as a wildlife biologist for the USDA. Respect for wilderness and the creatures that live there are a family tradition and were ingrained at an early age. Hunting is a way of life for Nate and in the desert you will find him “glued to the glass”, searching for that elusive ram.

Shawn Lindey

A graduate of Auburn University with a degree in Wildlife Science and many years as a Field Biologist in the Mojave desert plus his passion for hunting and his love of the outdoors have helped make Shawn an excellent Desert Sheep Guide. An extreme outdoorsman with excellent eyes, Shawn is an important member of our team. A hard-core hunter that loves hunting sheep and is good at it.

Jonston St.Martin

Jonston is a third generation sheep hunter that has been working desert bighorn sheep hunts with Dry Creek Outfitters since 2017. His glassing and hunting abilities for spotting game are beyond his years. He has always had a love for the outdoors but sheep hunting is his passion. A soft spoken young man that has gained the love and respect of the entire DCO crew.

Eli Lang

Following in his dads footsteps, Eli’s love for the outdoors also began at an early age. He has been engaged in the backcountry hunting and fishing with his father and grandfather and has a strong passion for bighorn sheep. Eli is always ready for a hike and has an eye for the glass which has gotten him the nickname, “eagle eye Eli”.

Clay DeValle

Hunting for Clay has been a big part of his life from childhood to present. Over 30 years working as a Lineman has given him the opportunity to pursue that passion. Covering many western states, as well as Alaska and British Colombia. If he wasn’t sharing the outdoors with family, it was with friends and many first time hunters. He gets as much or more enjoyment out of being in the field with dedicated and conscientious hunters than he does even with a tag in his own pocket. He has been First Aid and CPR certified for over 30 years.

Jacob DeValle

Hunting started at an early age for Jake following his father in pursuit of deer from the Sierra Nevada mountains to the coastal ranges of California. Being in the outdoors quickly became an obsession for him and has lead to many hunts across the western US. Desert sheep quickly became a passion that has consumed him in pursuit of big game. Jake works as an underground utility contractor and is CPR and First Aid certified.

Carlos Gallagher

I grew up in the Mojave Desert, and was fortunate to have my life unfolded in such a way that I have spent an enormous amount of time out in the field. Aside from family one of my major interests has been the desert bighorn sheep. I have pursued a traditional view of them and the habitat they live in. In this pursuit I have learned about many things; petroglyphs, archaeology, botany geology, and so on. For a number of years I had my own guiding service that specialized in desert bighorn sheep. Through these many years I’ve either known of, or been a part of Dry Creek Outfitters, and I know them to be a top-notch world-class outfitter. To get to know me better you can go to my website thewayofthings.org or my Facebook site by the same name.

Clay Gibert

Clay is a third generation hunter, born and raised in the heart of “Desert Sheep Country” with extensive time spent in the backcountry and countless hours behind his optics. Clay is trained and experienced in backpacking, mountaineering, tracking and desert survival. He is always a welcome sight on any type of hunt with his smiling face and his high level of energy and enthusiasm.

Clay is an experienced hunter that we are very proud to have as a main part of our crew.

Matt Devine

Brock Rowley

Tyler Hendrickson

Konner Morrill