by Greg Gomes

My hunt in Newberry Rodman Ord Mountains.

I had put in for the last 23 years and I had maximum points, 18, so I decided to put in for unit 10 this year.   When I saw that I was drawn on the computer I checked it at least 2 more times and it said yes, I was drawn.  I called everyone I knew, I was so excited and didn’t expect it.

I called a friend of mine who drew the year before, Ernie Lindo, and asked him who he hunted with, he said Dry Creek outfitters.  I called Cliff St Martin and after talking with him I liked what he had to say and I booked my hunt of a lifetime.   My son Brandon and my brother George went on the hunt with me, what a Blessing it was to have them along.  I booked a 7- day hunt and Cliff set the date for the first week in January 2021, that was a long 7 month wait but it gave me time to get in shape.  

We saw so many sheep most of them rams.  We saw sheep every day, lots of sheep.  We hunted from sun up to sun down with cool mornings about mid 20’s and warm afternoons.  Amazing big country.   On the 4th day of the hunt my son got a call he is in the Military, he needed to get back to his base.  So, I talked to Cliff and said I would really like my son to be in on the kill with me.  He said we will get it done.  On the morning of the 5th day we were on our way to the area we were going and one of Cliff’s guides, Brooks, called and said some rams were at a spring not far off the road.  Cliff spotted 4 of them running up the mountain and he said set up and take the bottom one.  I shot twice and missed.  I saw one down lower and told Cliff about it he said take it.  My son said 240 yards dad and my dream came true he was down.  The excitement of that hunt will live with me forever.  I’m so very Blessed!!

Thanks to my son, Brandon, my brother George, California Game & Fish, Desert bighorn sheep people who help keep these sheep going.  Thank you to Dry Creek Outfitters, Cliff, Brooks, Kirk, Carlos & Ernie and Cliff’s wife for all those great meals.  Thank you, you are a 1st Class operation and you truly know your sheep.

Thank you

God Bless All