by Sergio Resendiz

I remember when I was a little boy watching a documentary on TV and the first time that I saw a Big Horn Ram, I was mystified by this majestic creature!

Through years of hunting deer, I only dreamed about hunting Desert Sheep, especially when everyone said it was practically impossible to draw a tag.

One day my, good friend and Hunting Partner, Jacy Tatum told me to apply for Desert Sheep in California. Low and behold a few weeks later I received a letter from California Fish and Wildlife stating I drew a Sheep Tag! Jacy and I were Shocked, especially since this was my first time applying!

The next thing we needed to do was find an Outfitter and after speaking to Matt St.Martin with Dry Creek Outfitters, there was no question who I was hunting with. We booked the hunt for the end of January 2021 and while getting in shape the following months, the excitement grew every day! Nothing can compare to when you are finally there at the base of the Majestic Orocopia Mountains, knowing you have the only tag for the entire unit!

After meeting the Dry Creek Crew and planning the Hunt, it was obvious this was the “Real Deal”. During the fourth day of the hunt we got the word that one of the Guides had spotted a heavy Ram a few miles away. With snow on the ground, we made the grueling hike, reaching the bluff where we were able to spot the Ram. Everything came down to this moment at 318 yards, there he was! A beautiful Ram standing like he was “King of the Mountain”! There was no question, this was the ram I wanted! With one well-placed shot, I finally had my California Desert Sheep. This was definitely the highlight of my hunting career!

This Ram turned out to be a book Ram and was estimated to be 9-10 years old with unbelievable mass. The Lord had provided me with an amazing hunt! I would like to thank California Fish and Wildlife for choosing me for this amazing hunt. I would also like to thank the entire Dry Creek Outfitters crew, Matt St. Martin and his legendary Father, Cliff St. Martin, Kirk Stiltz and his son Brooks and Cacey. These guides have this amazing ability and work to put you in the right spot! Also, a big thank you to my good friend Jacy Tatum for making this all possible, if it was not for him, I never would have put in for the draw!

I now have even more respect for the Big Horn Desert Sheep and what they represent. I recognize the importance of the people who work every day and their efforts to preserve the Desert Sheep for future generations so they can have a Once in a Lifetime Experience like I did!